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Hello Friends!

Throughout my field-based experience, I found that preschools and daycares were not meeting the developmental needs that young children deserve due to poorly structured teacher to child ratios. While most preschools and daycares are understaffed and teachers are scrambling to meet the basic needs of children, Lauren’s Little Lambs will reinvent the teacher to child ratio. The sole purpose of reinventing the teacher to child ratio will be to put nourishing our impressionable youths’ minds and well-being above capital gain. I will do so by only accepting 6 students a day to be sure my students are provided with the one-on-one face time, attention and love they not only need, but deserve. The first three years of a human life are most important, as they are the years the brain develops most. The coping skills and patterns learned within that timespan will carry on throughout the rest of ones’ life. That being said, there is nothing more worthy to me than investing my time and livelihood in attempting to create a more empathetic and cognitively aware future generation.

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College Background & Certifications?

Teacher Lauren has her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is CPR and First Aid Certified. 

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